Slender: The Arrival

Slender: The Arrival

The sequel to Slender is here


  • Bigger forest and environment to explore
  • Better graphics and sounds
  • 3 different difficulty modes


  • Not a major innovation on the original
  • Not clear what you have to do other than collect notes


Slender: The Arrival for Mac is the sequel to the free to play horror smash hit Slender which went viral in 2012. Note that unlike the original, Slender: The Arrival for Mac is not free although the developers Parsec have priced it very reasonably with various payment options depending on how generous you feel.

Both Slender and Slender: The Arrival for Mac are based on the obscure myth than somewhere out there, there is a tall thin, faceless freak called "Slenderman" who not only abducts people (mainly children it seems), but mashes people's brains telepathically with his mind when he gets near. It might sound like madness, but it's a myth that's become increasingly popular over the years with low budget horror films like The Blair Witch Project loosely based on it. Slender was one of the first games to be based on it and went on to become a phenomenon in 2012, inspiring several spinoffs and countless "Watch how scared I get playing Slender at midnight" YouTube videos.

As soon as you start Slender: The Arrival for Mac, its clear that its a more polished game than the original which is to be expected. Slender The Arrival has a far more detailed environment than Slender although the basic gameplay remains disappointingly similar. There are more levels (Easy, Medium and Hard) but the basic aim is the same i.e. collect 8 pages saying creepy, cryptic things like, "Don't look, it takes you", "He's out there" and "He's got massive limbs".

To control your character, the keyboard controls are:

W=Walk forward
S=Walk backwards
A=Walk left sideways
D=Walk right sideways
T=Turn Flashlight On/Off
SHIFT=Turn HUD display On/Off

The more you collect, the more the heartbeat music ramps up and the closer the sickening beast that is Slenderman is to suddenly appearing in his tuxedo and mashing your brain telepathically.

Initial impressions are that it's hard to see what's radically new in Slender The Arrival. I've already seen one walk-through where the player collected all 8 pages and nothing happened. It seems that if there is a more complex plot as promised by the developers, it's not exactly clear what it is.

Slender: The Arrival for Mac is more polished than Slender with a richer world to explore but initial impressions are that it doesn't add much to the original.

Slender: The Arrival


Slender: The Arrival

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